Darby and Sean, what a perfect wedding day we had for your wedding.

I remember sitting there reminiscing to myself about the very first wedding I ever shot as a primary. It was at this very venue, The ceremony sight, the barn, all bringing back wonderful memories of where this crazy journey all started, yes, I love shooting a Chatfield Botanic Gardens in Littleton. While this venue will always hold a special place in my heart, it’s the people in life that truly make a mark on your soul. Sean and Darby Share that special little something that I just love to see in my clients that makes me smile. While perfect summer nights are alway nice, the evening greeted us with something more, a beautiful rain. Yes, yes, I’m sure you hear it time and again, rain on your wedding day is good luck. I think it’s just a great excuse for some cookies and milk, which yes, they did have milk in Martini Glasses. Thank you Sean and Darby for letting me document your special day, and I couldn’t be more happy to call you two friends.