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What a beautiful fall engagement session in Denver. I had an amazing time tagging along with Daylene wilson on Jacklyn and Randy’s engagement session. We went to the top of the Nature and Science Museum in Denver to start of their session where we played with some incredible fall light, went for an adventure on a tandem bicycle. We finished off the night by adding some sparks to the fire that Randy and Jacklyn share.  I always love a when I have a couple who is willing to let me to take chances and play creatively.

A lot of times, during the consultations, couples ask me what my favorite moments to shoot are.Well truth be told, there are very few parts of a wedding day that I don’t like to shoot. However, there are three that truly stick out in my head, romantics, the father/daughter dance, and the first look. Whether your first look takes place before the ceremony (I highly recommend considering this) or during your ceremony, the raw emotions from months of planning, having all your loved ones present, and seeing the person you’re in love with for the first time is something truly special. I had the pleasure of being Daylene Wilson’s second shooter on this wedding, and I was so grateful I had the opportunity to be part of this day. Experiencing Grant’s reaction to seeing Rebecca was beautiful. Breathless was the only way to describe his reaction as he turned to see his bride for the first time. Documenting moments like this is what I truly love about being a wedding photographer. I hope you enjoy their photo story.


Primary Photographer :: Daylene Wilson Photographic
Venue :: Westin Riverfront Resort and Spa Beaver Creek Mountain 


A little less than a month ago, I embarked on a journey with a good friend, and amazing mentor Rj Kern, to Hawaii for Tiffany & Joe’s beautiful wedding on the North Shore. What an amazing day on the north shore, a little rain, beautiful light, A couple in love and people coming together whole love each other coming together to celebrate. It doesn’t get any better.

One of my favorite lessons from this trip wasn’t learned with a camera in my hand but laying out on the ocean, right near the breakers in Kailua waiting, thinking, and talking with Rj, all while we were waiting for a perfect wave. The perfect moment. All to often we rush rush rush though life, without taking a second glance on what is going on around us. We look at what’s in front of us in that moments and fly by the seat of our pants, missing out on the important things that are happening around us. This was apparent as the waves crashed in to the shore and I watched person after person with boogie boards rush out, get pummeled by a wave and rush out again. They may catch a good wave once in a while by pure dumb luck, but unknown to them, they have missed the perfect wave because they were to busy trying to catch every other wave. The wise older guy with the boogie board looks at the ocean, see’s what’s happening and positions himself in the perfect spot to catch the good waves.

Much like the photography world in a digital age, I think this carries a perfect metaphor. So often, we get so wrapped up in the go go go of the day and begin to shoot without purpose. Much like the wise surfer, we need to remember to slow down, enjoy the slow up and downs of the day, look for the perfect moment, set up and wait. Sometimes nothing will happen. But more often than not, we will find ourselves cathing the perfect wave that will give us an amazing ride to shore.




Primary Photographer :: Rj Kern

Entertainment and Music :: Manoa DNA
Catering :: Chef Elmer Guzman’s Island Cuisine and Gourmet Events Hawaii
Outfitted by ::  Pacific Party Rentals 

A word comes to mind when thinking of this wedding, ready for it? Traditional… Now take that word, throw it on the ground, kick it a few times and light it on fire. Emily and Martins wedding was classy, creative, unique, and beautiful. This wedding took place at Yale union, an old laundry mat converted to an art gallery. While a first dance is something special to be apart of, watching Emily and Martins first karaoke takes the cake. I loved every second of this wedding as it wasn’t about holding to tradition and going through the paces, but keeping true to themselves and celebrating their love with a hint of  Burning Man inspiration.

I had the pleasure of second shooting this wedding with my good friend, RJ Kern, who is an incredible creative talent and inspiration.

This last image was a fun collaboration done with both RJ and I.

Primary Photographer: R.J. Kern

Venue: Yale Union Contemporary Art Center

Music: Karaoke From Hell

Catering: Lamb’s Table Catering