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Oh New Orleans, how I love you!!

I recently attended a conference in New Orleans called The Foundation Conference, which was put together by Huy Nguyen and Fearless Photographers. What started simply as a conference to learn and discover myself as a photographer, turned into an experience that I feel has changed and reshaped my life. I have returned to my daily life feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. I’ve discovered new passions, confidence and inspiration in such small facets of my experiences since being there.

I meet with my good friend and photographer R.J. Kern. We explored some amazing spots and restaurants, with Irene’s (simply incredible food) and Cafe Du Monde (Open 24 hours and has the most incredible hickory coffee and beignets that are to die for) being the most memorable. They are definitely a must to go to while in Nola.

On my last day I had a couple hours before I had to make the trip back to reality, so I got out in the city and really explored the french quarter. My favorite stop by far was at the A Gallery – F0r Fine Photography. Fine photography is a bit of an understatement seeing that the A Gallery has original prints from photographers such as Henri Cartier-Bresson and Ansel Adams, so reaching an upwards for $100,000. Incredible experience to say the least. The streets were over flowing with such beautiful culture, art, music, food, smell, and sights.

Vous me manquez New Orleans


Recently my family suffered the loss of my grandfather. On my trip to Illinois, through a roller coaster of emotions experiencing ups, down, crying and laughter, I found myself truly reflecting on life. I finally allowed myself let go of the daily grind and truly reflect on what is important, whats not, what I can live with and what i can’t live without. My conclusion on what i can’t live without? … Love and Family

Oh crazy uncle matt… yes, that’s what i’m known as to my niece and nephew. Everyone else just thinks i’m the crazy photographer in the family mostly because I always seem to be right around the corner with a camera at the most unexpected times… which is also usually followed by a chuckle from someone who manages to catch me. Yes… I am crazy uncle Matt with a camera. So what am I getting at with this? After really reviewing my images from this trip, there was a very small set that really resonated with me and hit me hard. I woke up one morning at my grandparents house and stumbled half way up the stairs when I noticed my sister and her family gathered in the family room working on homework. There was something very familiar about this moment, something cute, but more than anything, something very special. Stumbling back down the stairs I dig my camera out of my bag and ninja crawl back up.  Barely peaking over the top of the stairs, I snapped off a few shots and made my escape. Later that day I got a chance to review the images, and it hit me. The special moment that really connected with me wasn’t just a cute everyday occurrence, but more like an intense time travel back 20 years to that same house where my sister and I were doing that same exact thing, in that same exact place, with my mom, my dad, my grandma and grandpa by our sides. I was blind sided by a couple frames and what an emotion it created for me and the people in my family.

A lot of families do family portrait sessions, and reflecting back on my experience, capturing these moments are priceless. Instead of simply doing a family portrait session, I want to encourage you to look into doing a ‘Day In The Life Session’. No, i’m not even saying with me, but find a photographer you love, someone you can connect with and you feel completely comfortable letting into your life for a few hours of your day. Let your selves be captured in your pure essence in your most honest way. Maybe that means your in your pjs till noon and your children drew all over your wall with lipstick while they were suppose to be napping (guilty).  No one is there to judge, but there to simply capture those small moments that happen, which seem so everyday and so menial but may connect connect