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When we were discussing Tristen’s senior session, he wanted something different, something unique. He wanted explosions. We’ll obviously we can’t do that, so here’s the next best thing!

I’ve known Cara & Brian for about 5 years now, having Cara as a co-worker, and being class mates with Brian. It’s been such a pleasure seeing their love grow, them getting married and now bringing a wonderful new life into the world. I feel so honored that they asked me to capture such an amazing point in their life! Congrats Cara & Brain! I can’t wait to meet baby Milo!


As a creative individual, one of our biggest ongoing struggles is keeping our creativity and inspiration flowing. This process can be daunting at times, especially near the end of wedding season where the inevitable burn-out starts to set in. Some photographers will just accept it and roll with the process, but others will find ways to cure it. I prefer the latter. One of the absolute best ways I’ve found to over come this has been starting personal projects and taking chances on jobs that may not necessarily be your speciality. Pulling yourself out of your comfort zone and taking chances forces you to evolve creatively. Yes, the biggest part about taking chances, especially with paying clients, is the chance of failure.  Being up front with your client, setting expectations, doing your research, and being prepared are must haves in a new situation like this. While failure is always a possibility, the reward of success often out weighs the chance of failure, such as finding new creative ways to think on your feet, improvise, or evening finding new styles or ways of shooting.  You may discover things that you may not have thought of before.

I recently took one of these chances. My good friend Shae had asked me to capture some images for her company, Shaelyn Suites. A cold, borderline rainy evening, and rapidly fading light, which really made me think outside of the box. Changing how I would normally approach a shoot and has pushed me to think of ways to creatively shoot with no available natural light in my final frames shot. We had an awesome time creating these images! A huge shout out goes to the beautiful models Laura, Abbey, and Sarah.

Ladies, if your looking for an incredible stylist for your big day, check Shae out, you won’t be disappointed.