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The Good Life. This has a different meaning for everyone. I reflect on 2013 as it comes to an end, and think about what the good life meant. For me it was stepping out of my comfort zone, take risks, and doing things that scare me. Sometimes the risk doesn’t pay off with the desired result, however it pays off in the experience. More often than not I find myself happy and surprised with myself, the risk paid off.

There is something incredibly satisfying about helping create a product. Shooting in the digital age has some great advantages, but one disadvantage is not seeing your work in print. Sure I’ve had print orders, yes i’ve seen my work published, but in the digital age, more and more, people are content with the digital files on a computer and not realizing the full effect, the life that comes from having something tangible in your hands. Something I didn’t expect was the sense of accomplishment and excitement that I got when I first held this music album with my artwork in my hands

This is the good life for Raul, his passions, his art. Check him out on iTunes :

Produced // FTM Studios
Photography // Mathieu Ryan Photographers
Graphic Design // Christopher Stock
Studio Engineer // Steve Sundber For FTM Studios
Producer // Julia V. Panetta
Executive Producer // Raul Vasquez III
Musical Arrangements // Jordan Wertzbaugher, Chente Vasquez, Julia Panetta, Raul A. Vasquez & Raul Vasquez III


When we were discussing Tristen’s senior session, he wanted something different, something unique. He wanted explosions. We’ll obviously we can’t do that, so here’s the next best thing!